Ürtil Modular Shelving

With our flexible, stackable, modular shelving system the only limit is your imagination!

Our modular Ürtil cabinets are designed to be joined and stacked to create your perfect storage configuration.

Made from the same premium grade FSC plywood as our fronts each Ürtil cabinet is tailor made to your exact dimensions.

Available as a simple open cabinet, or with single or double sliding doors and in a range of materials and colours - the possibilities are endless.

Create your perfect Ürtil


Ürtils don’t like to be lonely, they’re designed to be joined or stacked together and you can customise the size of each cabinet. The most popular height and depth is 300mm


Keep it simple with a completely open shelf to show off your fancy ceramics or add single or double sliding doors and keep everything neatly tucked away.


You can customise the materials used in both the cabinet and the doors. Choose from any of the materials we use for our fronts including wood faced ply such as birch or add some colour with Formica or Fenix faced ply.


We can provide your Ürtil cabinets precut with the perfect recess required to install IKEA OMLOPP LED lights. Now there’s a bright idea.