Fenix Faced Ply

Marketed as 'the smart material of interior design', this innovative surface is heat resistant, water-repellent, hygenic and easy to clean. Suitable for all surfaces Fenix can be used on worktops, fronts, cover panels and plinths.

Fenix NTM stands for NanoTech Matt having a matt surface which incorporates some very clever nanotechnology. It’s multilayer nanostructure construction gives it unique and highly specialised characteristics. The surface is anti-fingerprint, soft to the touch and extremely durable, so much so that it can withstand serious knocks and scratches.

Fenix is also heat-resistant and should the surface have superficial microscratches, heat actually helps to repair them. According to the makers “The surface of the material is scattered with a dense grid of crosspolymers with their own memory, which can be reactivated by the application of heat.”

Samples can be obtained directly from the Fenix website.