Formica and Fenix Kitchen Worktops

Formica worktops and Fenix worktops are highly durable, non porous, stain and bacteria resistant.

Our Formica worktops are manufactured from FSC certified birch ply, available in either 24mm or 36mm thicknesses and up to a maximum size of 1220mm by 3050mm. This maximum size makes them a great choice for kitchen islands where we can also provide upstands to create the ever popular 'waterfall island'. After cutting the worktop to the required size, the edges are hand finished by sanding with an ultra fine grit before applying two coats of premium quality hard wax oil.

Standard depth worktops are renowned for being difficult to install perfectly with IKEA base cabinets so we supply ours to a depth of 700mm to help your installer achieve the perfect fit.

Our Fenix worktops are available in the same sizes as our Formica worktops and manufactured using the same technique. Fenix incorporates nanotechnology which gives it unique and highly specialised characteristics. The surface is anti-fingerprint, soft to the touch yet extremely durable and capable of thermally healing itself making scratches disappear like magic.