Contemporary Kitchen Door and Drawer Handles

Our fronts are available with a selection of contemporary handle styles. We can also provide blank fronts for use with push to open mechanisms or handles of your own choice.

Brass Edge Pull

Our brass edge pull is the perfect accompaniment to our wood faced fronts creating a clean and elegant look. Made from solid brass each handle is finished with a matt lacquer to ensure it doesn't tarnish. Our standard width is 75mm however it can also be provided in a range of additional sizes.

Black & White Edge Pull

A great alternative to our brass handles these are available in a powder coated satin black or white finish which work brilliantly with any of our laminated finishes. They're also perfect for those wanting a monochrome look.

Semi Recessed Grab

We developed our semi recessed handle to have the same classic profile of the grab handle but to be able to be used with every type of door and drawer. The handle is routed through the front with a slight undercut ensuring it's easy to get a good grip even on appliance doors. Here we've shown the semi recessed grab, but we also have a circular semi recessed handle too.

Rather than the unpredictable method of partially routering the semi recessed handle out from the front, we mount a 4mm thick birch plate flush on the inside of the door so you'll never see a knot or discolouration inside the front of your handle.

Grab Handle

Our classic grab handle works brilliantly with any material however there are a few door and drawers type which this handle cannot be used with. These include, built in appliances, wall mounted cabinet doors, under oven drawers and fronts in tall cabinets housing appliances. If you're unsure if these handles will work with your design, simply send us the design and we'll check for you.

Circle Pull

Our circular finger pull creates a classic look which looks great with any choice of material however it is not suitable for use with built in appliances.

D-pull handle

A classic modern square shaped handle available in solid brass or powder coated satin black or white. This handle compliments all our laminate fronts and works particularly well with warm tones.

J Profile

Our J-Profile handles run the full length of the door or drawer front creating a uniform appearance which works particularly well when run across multiple drawer units. The handle itself can be constructed from any material - birch, oak and walnut all look great when matched to cover panels or choose Formica or Fenix to create an accent colour.


For a clean, slab front aesthetic we have our invisi-pull handle for the wall cabinets. 
We make the doors 1" longer than the cabinet and shape the bottom of the door to create a pull which is opened from the reverse. The longer doors also disguise the underside of the IKEA cabinets - great if you are on a budget or prefer not to have underside panels.