Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you based?

We’re based in San Francisco and whilst we love to meet people and chat about plywood unfortunately we don’t have a showroom.

Where are your products available / where do you ship?

We currently ship throughout the U.S. however unfortunately we're not able to ship to Canada at the moment

Do you make fronts for other carcass suppliers?

No. We only make fronts for IKEA's Sektion system of kitchen cabinets

Do you supply painted fronts?

No. We only supply fronts in natural wood faced plywood and Formica or Fenix faced plywood.

How durable are the wood faced doors and drawers?

We finish each item using a premium hard wax oil which is Formaldehyde free and crack resistant. The hard wax oil creates a water resistant protective barrier on the wood whilst retaining it’s beautiful natural appearance.

What can I use to clean my fronts?

We recommend simply wiping them with a damp cloth and some warm soapy water.

Do you use laminate suppliers other than Formica or Fenix?

Yes, but it depends if our material supplier has access to them. It’s best to contact us to check if you have a specific laminate in mind.

What colour / material / layout should I choose?

Can't decide which of the 12 different Formica whites to choose or where the hob should go? Try reading this article in our help centre.