About Us

Plykea was founded by two friends. Adam a furniture designer who makes things out of wood and Tim a product designer who makes things out of code.

Plykea Ltd founders Tim Diacon and Adam Vergette
Tim Diacon

Whilst renovating my house I was looking for a quick way to create a beautiful kitchen on a limited budget. Having previously installed an IKEA kitchen I knew their cabinets were great quality, but I loved the look of birch ply and wanted to use this for the fronts.

I looked around online for a company that could make a bespoke set of fronts but found the process was either incredibly clunky, lacked the material choice I desired or was far too expensive for my budget, at that point I turned to my friend Adam.

Adam Vergette

Adam knew exactly how to manufacture the fronts to ensure a perfect fit with a finish capable of withstanding our toddler, that didn’t cost a fortune. As thanks for helping me achieve the kitchen of my dreams, I took Adam for a beer, over which we hatched a plan.

We decided to combine our skills and create an online service offering bespoke plywood doors, drawer fronts, worktops and cover panels for IKEA kitchen cabinets. All we needed next was a name...